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Except for fish such as halibut and sablefish, all of our fish is “sushi grade” and sashimi quality and can be eaten raw. “Sushi grade” is a term that refers to items that are of the highest quality and can be consumed raw.

When consuming raw salmon, the FDA recommends freezing for 72 hours or curing the fish, as a way to minimize any risk. This recommendation is specific to salmon.

Freezing fresh food, including fish, is one of the best ways to preserve the freshness at its peak. While we get daily shipments of fish from around the world, there will always be transit time and freezing the fish is an unrivaled method to ensure you get the highest quality when eating at home.

Superfrozen products are kept at -76'F for optimal quality, which is generally used for commercial kitchens. Once this product is stored in your at-home freezer (which holds at closer to -4'F), the quality will degrade over time, so we recommend consuming this tuna within a week of receiving your product to ensure maximum quality.

As we are hand cutting every order, there is a slight variance in product size. Other distributors provide a range of weights for the same price, with no guarantee how much product you will receive. Instead, we place a credit card hold for a slightly higher order total and then after we pack and deliver your order, update the charge based on precisely the weight of the product you receive. This process ensures that if you pay for a 1 pound filet, you get a 1 pound filet. 

If you cancel an order 24 hours or more before your delivery, the authorization is canceled and the funds are released back to the customer.

We will only sell you the highest quality product and prep each order by hand, but as fish are not a uniform shape, there will be some variance in piece size. Some pieces may be more rectangular or triangular, but we do our best to ensure consistency in each order.

You can make any changes or cancel your order until 24 hours before delivery or pick up. Because our team starts preparing orders very early in the morning, we are not able to accommodate changes to your order on the day of delivery.

You can make any changes or cancel your order up until 24 hours before delivery or pick up. If you have any concerns after delivery of your order, please contact us at or +1 551-309-3584.

You do not need to be home to receive your order, and our driver will leave your package in your desired location, but due to the perishable nature of the product, we do advise that the contents are transferred to the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible.

If we feel that there is no safe place to leave your package, we will return the package to our facility and a re-delivery will be attempted. There is a fee associated with re-delivery.

We offer a variety of shipment methods, based on your location to ensure maximum freshness. Yama offers direct delivery in NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia, pickup either at our warehouse in NJ or essential locations, courier in select locations and UPS Next Day for those not in the tri-state area. Please check our Service Locations page for more info, or contact our customer service team at or +1 551-309-3584.

We partner with UPS to ship fresh and frozen seafood to all 50 states, using gel ice packs and insulated liners. Due to the perishable nature of our products, we ship all UPS orders with Next Day service.

We are open from Monday through Friday, and delivery timing will depend on your shipping method. Please refer to our Service Locations page for more information.

All UPS orders will be delivered the day after the shipping departure date.

While we take the utmost care in packing our products, we can unfortunately not control the delivery process. We insure all UPS shipments, so if you receive a product that was damaged during shipping, please file a claim here or contact our support team at or +1 551-309-3584, and they will help you to file a claim.

We have unrivaled relationships with top seafood suppliers around the world, cutting out the middleman and delivering only the best quality product directly to you. Members of our team arrive as early as 2am each morning to cut and hand-pack each order, each person highly trained to follow proper procedures and standards to keep everything clean and sanitary. We use the exact same procedures when preparing seafood for the top Michelin-starred restaurants in New York as your at-home delivery. When shipping outside of the tri-state We then ship only with UPS Next Day service, using gel ice packs and insulated liners to maintain the quality of the fish.

One of the best ways to spot lower quality seafood or its preparation is if it smells fishy. That fishy smell actually doesn't come from the fish itself but most often from that fish sitting in the same pool of water and producing bacteria. At Yama, we use state-of-the-art preparation equipment to ensure the safety of our product.

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