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A Hokkaido Uni Bara (Jou)

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A Hokkaido Uni Bara (Jou)
A Hokkaido Uni Bara (Jou)



1 pack


Experience the best Hokkaido has to offer!


Hokkaido is known for their impeccably clean waters and therefore some of the best Sea Urchin production. We work directly with Uni processors in the region to bring you a direct line to Japan. Each processor has their secrets to packing the perfect tray ensuring that it arrives to your door in top shape.


This A grade Hokkaido Uni was selected for the size and color of its tongues. “Bara” refers to the scattered nature of the placement as opposed to the uniform and organized “Narabi” style.



Please Read: 

  1. Market availability may affect inventory, we will contact you if there is any change.
  2. Price is subject to market fluctuations and will be adjusted in real time.
  3. UPS and third-party shipping disclaimer. We at Yama Seafood have done our best to ensure your Uni was properly packaged. Uni is a delicate product and may shift in transit. If you feel you need to file a claim with the carrier, we can assist, but take no responsibility for damage due to transportation.

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