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Soba Set

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Soba Set
Soba Set

Variety Pack


1 pack

Dry goods

Enjoy a bowl of hot gluten-free soba noodles.

Soba (Buckwheat noodles) is handmade by renowned soba master, Shuichi Kotani, is high in protein, and contains various amino acids such as lysine and arginine.

The soba Package comes with the following:

  • Tsuyu Sauce (10oz)
  • Made with bonito, kelp, and mushroom
  • Noodle (135g/bag)
  • Made 100% buckwheat and water.

Serving size: 2 servings per box


  1. DEFROST soba noodles and soup at room temperature * at least for 2 - 3 HOURS
  2. Boil 3 quarts of water in a large pot
  3. At a rolling boil, add soba noodles
  4. "DO NOT STIR" just wait for 3 minutes
  5. RINSE cooked soba noodles in ICE-COLD WATER
  6. Remove remain water and plate them in a bowl
  7. Serve with Tsuyu and favorite toppings

Suggestion for toppings:

  • Wasabi
  • Scallions

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For more information, scan the QR code on the pamphlet inside the soba container.


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