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Omakase Toyosu Fish Box

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Omakase Toyosu Fish Box
Omakase Toyosu Fish Box

Whole Fish

Whole Fish

1 case


Love fish directly from Toyosu but don't know all of the fish? Our Omakase Toyosu Fish Box is a perfect choice! The fish will vary week to week and our partners in Toyosu will purchase seasonal fish that looks exceptional on that day. You'll likely try a fish you've never had before! We will label each fish so that you can get a chance to learn your new favorite!

Stock Photo, Fish and Weight Will Be Different Each Time

Box weight varies between 3kg-4kg

Serves roughly 8-12 People


  1. This item is subject to market prices and may increase without notice
  2. This product is pre-ordered and is subject to market availability. If unavailable, this will be removed from your order and you will not be charged.
  3. If fillet service is requested and head and bone are needed, please mention them in the order notes. Otherwise, these parts will not be sent.

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