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Nakaochi - Bluefin Tuna Rib Meat

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Nakaochi - Bluefin Tuna Rib Meat
Nakaochi - Bluefin Tuna Rib Meat

Sushi Grade, Superfrozen


1 pack

Sushi Grade

Nakaochi refers to the rib meat that is harvested from the ribs. Closest to the bone this meat is deep red and tender. High end sushi restaurants serve this meat on the bone with a clam shell for you to harvest the meat, usually served with rice and nori. Bring the restaurant experience into your home at a fraction of the price.

Our Bluefin Tuna is sushi grade, we hand process and super freeze each pack to preserve quality. Tuna Bone is NOT included.

Each pack weighs approximately 0.5LB

All of our Tuna are superfrozen and held at -70°F to conserve quality.

Recommended Conservation: 

  • In a regular freezer for up to 7 days.
  • Once thawed, keep in fridge for 1-2 days, Best to eat immediately
  • Do not freeze again after thawing.

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