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Kanefuku Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe)

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Kanefuku Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe)
Kanefuku Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe)

Frozen, 300g


1 pack


Frozen Kanefuku Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe) from Kyushu is one of the premium mentaiko brand hailing from Kyushu, Japan. Kanefuku is probably also the most well-known mentaiko processor in the world.

Kanefuku sources their raw material so they can focus on procuring only the best available pollack roe and their "secret" ingredients used to make Mentaiko.

Mentaiko a delicacy made by pickling cod roe in salt and seasoning it with chili pepper.

In Japan and Korea, it is very popular as a household ingredient. Mentaiko is eaten in raw and cooked form.

Enjoy it over rice, pasta, hot pot, etc.

Mentaiko Pasta Recipe (Serves 2)

  • Mentaiko:    1 belly (100g)
  • Spaghetti:    200g
  • Butter:       10g
  • Mayonnaise:  1 tablespoon
  • Soy sauce:    1 teaspoon
  • Shiso leaves:  5 pieces
  • Lemon:       1/4

How to make:

1. Boil plenty of water in a pan, add salt (not listed) and spaghetti, boil, and drain.

2. Remove the thin skin from the mentaiko.

3. Mix softened butter, mayonnaise, soy sauce, and mentaiko.

4. Mix everything together with spaghetti while still hot.

5. Place in a bowl, top with shredded shiso leaves, and garnish with lemon.


  • Adjust the amount of soy sauce according to how salty the mentaiko is.
  • If you like, add a little cream for a rich flavor.

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