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Bronzino (Whole Fish)

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Bronzino (Whole Fish)
Bronzino (Whole Fish)

Whole Fish

Whole Fish

1.5 lb

Farm Raised
Sashimi Grade

Fresh Bronzino fish , Sold by Piece.

Farmed from the Mediterranean area. Many cuisines serve this spectacular fish. It is served grilled in some countries, but sushi restaurants in the US serve it raw. Size will range from 1.25-1.5LB.

*We can do additional service work for a small fee, please choose option from dropdown menu*


  1. This item is subject to market prices and may increase without notice
  2. This product is subject to market availability. If unavailable, this will be removed from your order and you will not be charged.
  3. If fillet service is requested and head and bone are needed, please mention them in the order notes. Otherwise, these parts will not be sent.

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