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Live Kegani (Hairy Crab)
Live Kegani (Hairy Crab)

Sold by Piece, Pre-Order Required


1 lb

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Kegani is known for its dense , sweet flavor, making it well worth the effort of cracking open its tough shell. Kegani is often boiled in saltwater to bring out its rich original flavor, then cut into sections and eaten by hand. Kegani is often cited as the most-loved crab in Japan, due to its delicate flavour and rich kanimiso (tomalley).

Sold by the piece, each piece weighs roughly 0.7-1.0LB


  1. This item is subject to market prices and may increase without notice
  2. This is product is pre-ordered and is subject to market availability. If unavailable, you will not be charged
  3. Kegani will be LIVE upon purchase, but we cannot guarantee it'll be alive upon delivery

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