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Uni Butter (Kitasanriku)

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Uni Butter (Kitasanriku)
Uni Butter (Kitasanriku)

Frozen, 60g


1 pack


Uni Butter is made from 70% kitasanriku uni and Iwate butter. Kitasanriku Uni is farm raised in Iwate Prefecture.

Uni younglings are released back into the ocean, where they will eat seaweed along the ocean floor. The farmers at kitasanriku will then dive back down to capture and bring them back to the farm. The uni will feed on konbu for the rest of their 4 year period before being harvested. The uni is then mixed with butter made in Iwate Prefecture until completion.

Ingredients: Uni (Iwate Prefecture), Butter (Iwate Prefecture), Mirin, Soy Sauce, Salt (Contains dairy and soy)

60g, please refrigerate at temperatures below -18 degrees Celcius

Please eat as soon as possible after opening.


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