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Hokkaido Hotate (Scallop)

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Hokkaido Hotate (Scallop)
Hokkaido Hotate (Scallop)

3S size

3S size

1 pack

sushi grade

Hokkaido Hotate or Sashimi Grade Scallops, directly from Hokkaido, Japan. We at Yama Seafood have taken the time to search for what we consider to be the best brand of Hokkaido Scallop. We have built a strong relationship with Teramoto and are the only direct importer of these pristine Scallops.

The cold waters around Hokkaido Japan are the perfect eco system for producing these sweet and meaty bivalves. The strong currents allow the Scallops to feed endlessly on sweet algae and plankton. Harvested, processed, and super frozen to conserve quality.

Thawing instructions:

Remove your desired portion from the freezer, wrap in absorbent towel, and defrost in the fridge.

All Frozen products must be kept frozen at 0° F (-18°C) or Below.

S Size

31-35 pieces per pack and total weight is 2.2LB.

2S Size

36-40 pieces per pack and total weight is 2.2LB.

3S Size

45-50 pieces per pack and total weight is 2.2LB.


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