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Most of, if not all of our fish is sashimi quality and can be eaten raw (except for fish like Halibut and Sablefish). However, the FDA recommends freezing or curing the fish for consumption as sashimi. Please see the entry below for more details.

We label products as Sashimi Quality if they can be consumed raw. Of our Sashimi Quality products Salmon, and only salmon, is recommended to be cured before consuming raw. The easiest way is to freeze overnight or longer. You can also use a salt and vinegar cure. None of our fresh products have been frozen before unless otherwise specified in the product description.

When you place an order, we place a hold for a slightly higher order total on your card. This pending hold is replaced by the correct charge upon successful packing and delivery. This process ensures that suppliers can charge accurate weights for products (i.e. 1.24lb Fillet vs. 1lb Fillet ordered). If the user cancels the order or the payment hold is not captured, the authorization is cancelled and the funds are released back to the customer.

No, but it is preferred that someone be there to accept the package. Our drivers will provide contactless delivery by placing your order by the front door and ringing the doorbell before leaving. If you have an address that this would not work, please leave additional instructions on how to deliver your order effectively.

Members of our team arrive as early as 2 am to start cutting and other team members work together to carefully pack each fish and put your order together. Each Yama member is trained to follow proper procedures and standards to keep everything clean and sanitary.

You can make any changes or cancel your order up until 24 hours before delivery or pick up. Because our team starts very early in the morning, we are not able to accommodate changes to your order on the day of delivery.

We cannot accept returns or cancellations the same day of your order but we will do our best to address any issue with your order. You can cancel or change your order up until midnight the day before desired pick up or delivery.

Through our partnership with FedEx we are shipping fresh and frozen seafood to all 50 states. All our online products can be shipped using Fedex by selecting the desired FedEx shipping method upon check out. All FedEx shipments are shipped overnight using gel ice packs. We look forward to getting our delicious, healthy, and sustainable seafood in homes across the country. Due to the perishable nature of seafood we ship all FedEx orders with overnight service.

Any product issues due to shipping via FedEx are not covered by Yama Seafood. If any issues arise or you're not satisfied, please contact us. Yama will file a claim on your behalf. Once/if Yama is given a credit, we will relay a refund directly to your account.

Superfrozen products (like tuna) should be kept at -76'F for optimal quality. Once it's stored in conventional freezers (-4'F), the quality will degrade over time. We recommend consuming within 7 days when stored at -4'F.


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